Folding Hunting Pocket Knife with Multiple Tools

Folding Hunting Pocket Knife with Multiple Tools

Having a hunting multi-tool allows you to survive in the woods or wilderness. The great thing about multi-tools is that they’re efficient and versatile to help increase your hunting efficiency and make you do every possible thing while out in the open.

Luckily, such products have evolved and continue to do so by adding new features to improve the hunting experience. And, since a pocket knife alone isn’t enough to help you survive, the additional tools give you a range of options to get the job done more easily.

Who Needs a Multi-tool?

The outdoorsmen particularly need a multi-tool since it has, more or less, all the essential tools you need for outdoor activities. Outdoorsmen like hunters, fishermen, cyclists, campers, etc., find multi-tools handy since they don’t need to carry a heavy toolbox whenever they go out.

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Current Best Selling Folding Hunting Knife with Multiple Tools on Amazon

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Are Multitools Worth Packing?

It’s a given that a hunting multi-tool comes with a knife. However, no matter how great it is, it will never replace a dedicated function tool—it’s not meant to! Yes, it may have a blade, but that blade won’t replace that decent knife you keep in your backpack.

For instance, that little saw blade won’t replace your backpacking saw or hatchet. If you’re sure that you’re going to use a specific tool on your trip, aside from packing your hunting multi-tool, make sure to also bring the tool made specifically for the job.

Remember that the reason you’re carrying a multi-tool is that you don’t know where you’re going to use it (yet.) But once the situation presents itself, you’ll be glad that somewhere in that myriad of small tools is exactly what you need.

Will it be the pliers to help get your zipper unstuck? Maybe. Will it be the tweezers that can help you finally locate that splinter? I don’t know. Depending on the brand and model you get, you’ll be prepared for almost any situation.

What Tools Do They Normally Come With?

Multi-tools should be a part of any survival kit. They erase the need to carry different tools, which can be burdensome, and are not limiting compared to if you only had a knife.

Aside from the small knife, they may feature a combination of any of the following:

• Tweezers
• A file
• A bottle opener
• A can opener
• A knife
• Needle-nose pliers
• Phillips screwdriver
• Scissors
• Wirecutter
• Window punch
• Flathead screwdriver

However, the multiple tools may blind you from what you need. So if you think you’ll only need at least three of those extra tools, then there’s no sense in buying a device with a multitude of tools.

You should also consider the safety features that the multi-tool has. Some models, for example, have liner-lock features to prevent it from closing or folding accidentally during use. This safety feature helps prevent scrapes, cuts, bruises, and other injuries.

Why Should I Opt for a Hunting Multitool?

Multi-tools are more than just a tool: they’re like an extension of your life when you’re hunting, repairing, or building something. Here are some of the advantages of using hunting multi-tools:

Lighter Travels

Whether you’re hiking or on the road, multi-tools are so lightweight that you won’t feel any heavy equipment or tools with you.

In fact, a single device may be all you need when traveling long distances and surviving the outdoors. Even without a toolbox, a multi-tool can help you make easy or complex repairs. With a multi-tool around, you can focus on the beautiful scenery or any task without hearing any clanking noises.

Perform Repairs

Why bother bringing individual tools when you can perform basic and complex repairs with a multi-tool? Multi-tools allow you to make almost any repair without needing a toolbox. They’re especially great for those times when you need to craft some last-minute wooden fences, traps, etc.

Prepares You for the Unexpected

You’ll most likely face some unfortunate situations when exploring the outdoors or going hunting, like getting a splinter or any random encounter. With a multi-tool, you can confidently go on an adventure because you know that there’s a compact tool that can help during random accidents and potential dangers.

Great Hunting Tool

Going hunting means you have to pack light, and you only need to bring the essential equipment and tools you need for your planned hunting day.

Multi-tools are the answer to this because it’s a hassle to carry a toolbox while in the hunting game. Many hunters choose to carry multi-tools since they can do almost anything, including building a campsite, setting up traps, and repairing the rifle.


This would be the biggest benefit of multi-tools, especially if they came from a reputable manufacturer. Quality multi-tools have unique features like having a sharp knife, corrosion-resistant, and stainless or carbon steel. These make multi-tools ideal for hunting, hiking, camping, or generally any outdoor activity.

So if you want to be an outdoorsman, consider investing in a quality multi-tool that’s guaranteed to last long, even when used for heavy-duty tasks.

Are There Disadvantages to Using Multi-tools?

Here are some cons of using multi-tools. I won’t exactly call them disadvantages, but you would like to consider these when buying one:

• It can be slightly difficult to attain leverage.
• The knife blades sometimes don’t lock into place and may slip away.
• You can’t use the other different tools at the same time.
• It can be a bit bulky when placed in your pocket.

How Do I Choose a Hunting Multi-tool?

Below we will look at the aspects you need to consider when buying your hunting knife multi-tool.

Offers a Good Variety of Tools

Not all multi-tools are created equal, and the tools included vary per brand. Some will feature a screwdriver, while others will focus on the pliers.

Choose a hunting multi-tool that has the tools you know you’re going to use. If you know you’ll be using the knife primarily, don’t go for a multi-tool that emphasizes other features because it’s a big waste of money. Pick what fits you best and consider the type of work you’ll be doing out in the woods.


In most cases, price and quality go hand-in-hand. You can expect multi-tools with a nice design and remarkable features to cost more than the regular ones. Conversely, some multi-tools have good features for a decent amount, but those are rare to come by.

However, while price determines the quality, don’t underbudget yourself to the extent that you’re just looking for the cheap ones. They may fall apart only after the first or second use, which will cost you more in the long run.


It’s common sense to seek out durability since you want your multi-tool to be reliable, sturdy, and last a long time. Having a durable product means it can handle even the toughest jobs you can ever face. Sadly, this feature can be difficult to find if you have a limited budget.


I’m not talking about a great design. What I mean is the right shape for its ergonomic feature. There are multi-tools with a great shape and are also great for pocket-keeping even without a sheath.

But these, of course, are pricey—especially those with unusual shapes and grand designs. There’s certainly nothing wrong with going for a standard design. It’s a matter of preference, anyway.

Tool Access

How the individual tools can be accessed has a lot to say about how user-friendly the multi-tool is. Most of the best multi-tools are designed in a way that you can access, at least some of the tools, using one hand.

This can be divided into two types:

• A butterfly-style design means you can hold the tool using one hand and flip it open like a butterfly knife to access the pliers.
•A one-handed opening design allows you to access the knife blade with one hand. But, getting to the pliers means you need two hands to fold the tool open.

What are the Common Mistakes When Buying a Multi-tool?

Buying the Cheapest Model

Never settle for the cheapest one available. The price is directly related to the quality of the steel, the rivets that hold it together, and the product warranty.

Buying a Multi-tool with the Most Functions

Multi-tools with fewer yet well-made tools are always better than having one that’s packed with tools you’re never going to use. The more lightweight and easy it is to use, the more likely you’ll want to carry it around.

As with any hunting gear, the “less is more” approach is a good place to start. While you may end up in literally any type of situation, a lightweight product from a trusted brand should cover most of your needs.

The best hunting multi-tool is one that you can carry comfortably, use easily, and rely on even after multiple times of dropping it.


This post listed some reasons you must consider bringing a pocket knife with multi-tools on your next hunting trip. They are the following:

• It lets you travel lighter.
• Lets you perform complex repairs.
• Prepares you for the unexpected.
• It’s a great hunting tool.
• It’s durable.

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