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D&Q Archery: A Rising Star For Recurve Bow Enthusiasts

Why should you choose the D&Q Archery Brand? It’s because it has everything you can ask for to satisfy your recurve bow needs.

The company is indeed a strong competitor when looking at archery brands. Aside from the bows available, it also offers arrows, a bow bag, and a slingshot set to meet your hunting requirements.

For instance, their most popular item is the recurve bow and arrow set. It’s great, especially for beginners, if you’re looking to polish your hunting and target shooting skills. What I like most about this product is that it’s fully adjustable, so it’s suitable for beginner and advanced archers. Just remember that this isn’t a toy so never point it at someone, even as a joke.

On the other hand, if archery isn’t your thing, you may settle for the D&Q Archery powerful slingshot set.

The package comes with a slingshot and 10 velocity rubber bands. It’s very simple to use, ideal for all types of skills, and improves eye and hand coordination in the process. But, just like the first product, keep in mind that this isn’t a toy. While it does look like one, randomly pointing it at someone or something may cause serious injuries.

Is the D&Q Archery Brand One of the Best Brands to Buy?

Yes. That’s why I’m featuring them in this post. I’ve tried one of the brand’s products before, and I was impressed by the craftsmanship and overall quality. I’m even planning to buy one myself, and I thought of sharing my thoughts with you first.

I have included a list of the brand’s most popular products at the bottom. You’ll see that each and every one of them is highly rated, so I’m sure that you won’t go wrong. I cover many hunting-related brands that are available on Amazon so you can easily access all their products.

Please take note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What are Recurve Bows?

Latest New D&Q Recurve Bows on Amazon:

D&Q Archery Recurve Bow for Adults & Youth Beginner, Wooden Right Hand 20-50lb,Takedown Bow 62” for Competition Training Hunting Shooter (40lb
  • 【High Performance】: D&Q Recurve bow 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 40 lbs, 50 lbs; Arc Length: 62 Inches; Arch ascent length: 17 in. Right-handed design.In addition, we provide a powerful 16 strands daclon fabric bow string. The bow riser is made of high density wood, high quality bamboo laminate bow links and wood composite links provide the best toughness and strength for the bow.
  • 【Ergonomically designed】 with impressive rounded edges and a finely crafted wooden handle. Extremely comfortable grip.This comfort will allow you to have the best experience shooting multiple arrows or for extending amounts of time.
  • 【Quick assembly】It only takes 3 minutes to assemble this recurve bow.Our bow offers pre-installed brass bushings for various attachments and upgrades such as, stabilizers, sight, quiver
  • 【Designed for people who enjoy archery】it can be used for archery, family fun of backyard shooting or trips to the forest hunting, etc. Good choice for both beginners and professionals.
  • 【Our promise】we provide 30 days free return and exchange.After receiving the recurve bow, if you have any questions, you can contact us in time, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.
D&Q Black Recurve Bow with Metal Riser 60" Longbow 40-65lb Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Easy to Assemble and use (45lb)
  • 🎯Bow and arrow adult --【Mutiple Draw Weight】The draw weight from 40 to 65 lbs, more choice for beginner practice or professional outdoor hunting.
  • 🎯Archery bow --【Sturdy Riser】Strong fiberglass with a maple core limbs, high-strength lightweight aviation aluminum alloy riser , each joint is fixed with sturdy screws, maximizing longevity and performance.
  • 🎯Recurve bow--【Very Smooth Draw】The riser conforms to the hand perfectly and helps with accuracy.
  • 🎯Takedown bow--【Easy Assemble】Just fix the upper and lower limbs on the riser. stringing and destringing it is a challenge, use the bow stronger tool is the most safely way and avoid inducing any limb twist.
  • 🎯Perfect shooting bow-【Best Gift Choice】Not only does archery promote physical activity, but it also upper body core strength and enhance concentration. Now choose this bow and arrow, share the fun of archery with family and friends.
D&Q Traditional Handmade Horsebow and Arrow for Adults Left Right Hand for Hunting Practice Bound with 3 Layers 20 inch Solid Straw Archery Target 2.3 inch
  • DEXTERITY: RIGHT HAND AND LEFT HAND. Great craftsmanship and the pull on this recurve long bow is amazing. It has a smooth draw, when you're holding it, feels so comfortable and after you draw it back you can really feel its strength. Then once you release the shot, the arrow flies quickly down the range, straight and true.
  • The bow is mostly fiberglass as the limbs, but the tips are made of wood and it's easy to string and fires great.
  • THE 3-LAYER TRADITIONAL ARCHERY TARGETS: Hand-made archery target made of forage, traditional hand-woven. Clear and obvious target scoring ring design for easy shooting and less damage to the arrow
  • TARGET SIZE(APPROX.): Diameter:50 cm/19.68"; Thickness: 6 cm/2.36"/ Three Layer which is 6.2 lbs and easy to carry!The product is handmade,so the size will have a certain error, if you are particularly mindful, please buy carefully!
  • COMES READY TO SHOOT, the package includes: 1 pc recurve long bow, 6 pcs wooden arrows, 2 pcs nocks, 1 pc bow stringer (it's the most safe way tostring it), 1 pc finger glove, 1 pc arm guard, 1 pc bow bag and 1 pcs arrow holder. Excellent for daily use, tough, will work really well for any level archery lover.

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

Let’s focus on how to choose recurve bows since they’re the ones that made the brand famous. But, what are recurve bows anyway?

Recurve bows have a unique curved shape that lets you store and deliver more amounts of energy. They also allow for increased arrow speeds when shooting.

They were used by our ancestors who needed a bow who shot fast arrows without putting a heavy burden. This feature is extremely beneficial in times when the terrain is unfavorable or when you’re on horseback. You may use recurve bows in modern hunting, but you need skills and lots of practice to use them effectively.

Here are some of the benefits of using a recurve bow:

  • Allows you to shoot straighter and faster arrows.
  • Has a collapsible feature so you can easily store and transport it.
  • Can teach you how to make accurate and precise shots mostly by only using your eye.
  • Generally more affordable and great for beginners.

I recommend using recurve bows for more excitement and if you’re up to the challenge. They often come without sights, so your innate skills as an archer will really be tested.

They’ll greatly benefit bowhunters who hunt in rough terrains as well as thick brush. Recurve bows are also perfect for beginners who are keen on target shooting. They’re affordable too, so they’re great if you’re just starting out before moving on to other types of bows.

How Do I Select the Best Recurve Bow?

Now that we know what recurve bows are and what they’re for, let’s get down to business. Here are things to consider when purchasing a recurve bow.


Will your recurve bow be for hunting or target practice?

If for target practice, pretty much anything will do. So, go ahead and pick what style suits you the most and one that fits your budget.

However, if using it for hunting, you just can’t pick anything you like. The main factor to think about is the draw weight. Draw weight is how much force you need to apply to the string to pull it over a distance. In this case, that would be 28”. A higher draw weight means the more powerful it will be and the further the arrow can travel.

You don’t need an extremely powerful bow when target practicing. Your arrow doesn’t need much energy since it will only be penetrating the cardboard or foam of a bullseye. But things are different when going hunting. Your arrow has to pass through the game’s thick skin, fatty tissues, and sometimes even their bones.

So, choose a bow with a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. This is enough for smaller games like rabbits or turkeys. But, for larger games like deer and elk, you need something more than that.

Here’s a table showing the suggested draw weights for each type of hunter:

Archer’s WeightSuggested Draw Weight
Small Child (70 to 100 pounds)10 to 15 pounds
Larger Child (100 to 130 pounds)15 to 25 pounds
Small Frame Woman (100 to 130 pounds)25 to 35 pounds
Medium Frame Woman  (130 to 160 pounds)25 to 35 pounds
Large Frame Woman (160+ pounds)30 to 45 pounds
Small Frame Man (120 to 150 pounds)30 to 45 pounds
Medium Frame Man (150 to 180 pounds)40 to 55 pounds
Large Frame Man (180+ pounds)45 to 60 pounds

Take-Down Recurve

A bow is considered a take-down if you can separate the two limbs from the riser. Here are three reasons you’d want a take-down recurve instead of a “regular piece:”

  1. You can transport it more easily. You can easily keep it in a small handbag since you can remove the limbs from the riser. If you think this feature is important for you, then take-downs are your best bet.
  2. Take-downs are easier to service. If a part accidentally breaks, you can just remove that part and take it to the shop. You don’t need to carry the entire bow.
  3. It has an adjustable draw weight. The draw weight is usually determined by the stiffness and how the limbs were made. So, for example, you started at 30# but after a few months want to go up to 40#. You don’t need to buy a new bow. Just buy new limbs with the new draw weight and replace your existing set of limbs.


Aside from the draw weight, the weight of the actual bow is also important. Remember that you’ll mostly hold the bow in front of you for an extended period. Most recurve bows weigh 2 to 3 ½ pounds, so they’re typically safe if you’re a beginner. If you aren’t sure, go for a bow that’s 3 pounds or less.


Get a bow that’s at least twice your draw length. So, if your draw length is 26”, choose a recurve bow that’s 52” or more. Longer bows are generally more accurate.


The most important thing to consider is to get the right arrow length. However, this is more than just typing in the “best arrows for recurve bows.” You should also consider the different nock points, fletching materials and length, arrow weight, diameter, etc.


Do you want to attach accessories to your recurve bow?  Some bows already come with holes where you can install accessories, while others don’t. Recurve bow purists prefer not to use bow sights or other accessories because they want to experience “the real thing.” But, even if the riser didn’t come drilled, you can simply attach a peep sight or a glue-on arrow rest.

Other Accessories

You have to get a few extra accessories for your bow before you can start shooting. I’ll divide them into the things you need versus what is optional.


  • Arrows
  • Bow stringer
  • Glove or finger tabs
  • Nocking points
  • Quiver


  • Targets
  • Bowstring wax
  • Armguard
  • Arrow rest
  • Sight
  • String Whisker Silencers

My Top D&Q Archery Products

Current Best Selling D&Q Archery products on Amazon:

Current Best Selling D&Q Archery Products on Amazon

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.


I hope this article has helped you consider archery more for your next hunting trip. Get a lot of practice, be safe, and don’t forget to have fun!

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