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Bear Archery: The One-Stop-Shop For All Your Archery Needs

What is the Bear Archery brand? The Bear Archery brand is one of the most famous archery brands that offer everything you need, from bows to arrows to accessories.

I’m not kidding when I say this company has everything you’re searching for. Whatever type of bow you’re into, like traditional or compound bows, you can get here. The brand is also probably most famous for its youth bows, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Bear Archery believes that hunters must always take down games as humanely as possible. This is why they create reliable and lethal bows that can harvest games quickly and ethically. Their bows boast of a cast aluminum riser for easy transport and extreme accuracy with every shot.

By killing the target with just one blow, you’ll save yourself and the animal from all the unwanted stress.

Current Best Selling Bear Archery Accessories on Amazon:

Current Best Selling Bear Archery Accessories on Amazon

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What Makes the Bear Archery Brand Different from Others?

The brand uses five different technologies when making the bows. They are the following:

React Technology

This lets your sight pins react to each other. With this technology, you can be sighted from 20 up to 60 yards in no more than 10 minutes!

You don’t need any tools to adjust their sight. Simply loosen or tighten the thumb screws to adjust the windage and elevation. The adjustment knob can move 30 to 60 yard pins, which means Allen wrenches will no longer be necessary. Two pin adjustments are all you need for dead-certain accuracy at any distance.

It also features the Ballistix Copolymer System. This makes the sight as strong as aluminum, but 25% lighter. It has a coating as well to help reduce noise.

EKO Cam System

This let-off cam system allows customization without sacrificing your performance. It allows for up to a 90% let-off to let you hold comfortably at full draw without compromising the shot.

Its four let-off positions, including 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90%, for increased comfort. It uses a rotating module to adjust the draw length. You can make adjustments without using a bow press while not affecting other adjustments on the bow.

The system also helps eliminate cam lean to enhance performance. This results in perfect synchronization and consistent arrow flights shot after shot.

Ready to Hunt (RTH) and RTH Extra Technologies

This simply means that the brand’s bundles help save you time when walking into the woods or range. Each bundle comes with complete accessories so you can start shooting right away.

For instance, the RTH bows come with a quiver, sight, rest, wrist sling, stabilizer, D-loop, and a no-tie peep sight. The RTH Extra bows, on the other hand, comes with everything in the previous bundle plus five arrows, ten inserts, a release, three Rocket Broadheads, and ten 100-grain field points.

Vibration Reduction System (VRS) Technology

This reduces and stabilizes riser vibrations and works with the Shockwave Dampening System to reduce limb vibrations. These systems reduce overall bow vibration by up to 25% for a smoother and quieter shot.

Contraband Strings

Made by Headhunter Bow Strings, these strings are made of quality materials to increase durability and performance even in high temperatures. Contrabands Strings are pre-stretched to remove string creep, stretch, and serving rotation.

Is the Bear Archery Brand One of the Best Brands Out There?

Yes, which I why I’m covering the company in this post. Bear Archery has been in the market for more than 85 years and offers all types of bows you can ask for.

Their Redemption EKO was given the Best Value award at the HuntStand Compound Bow Field Test this 2021. They were also awarded Bowhunting World’s Gold Standard for traditional bows at its Reader’s Choice Awards this year!

But, as I said, what makes them stand out for me is their inclusion of youth bows. They’re the country’s #1 brand in terms of youth and institutional archery. They try to meet the needs of young and intermediate shooters to help keep the future of the sport promising.

Why Should You Teach Your Kids Archery Right Now?

As they say, start them young! Here are a few reasons why I think teaching them archery is one of the best decisions you can make as a parent:

It’s Safe

Archery is one of the safest children’s sports around. This is backed up by the Archery Trade Association, which claims that the only two safest sports for kids are bowling and table tennis.

Improves Strength and Focus

You need focus and solid positioning to hit the bull’s eye. A solid position means controlling your chest, arms, hands, and shoulders.

Therefore, learning archery means building upper body strength. You also need the energy and stamina to practice shooting the bow and arrow regularly.

Teaches Life and Classroom Skills

Shooting arrows requires a lot of practice. This teaches kids patience, determination, and to be confident in their own skills.

Moreover, archery makes kids determine the area, perimeter, estimate where their shot may land, etc. I think this is where geometry and physics come into place.

A Yearly Sport

You can practice archery in almost any setting. You can practice it outside or in the comfort of your own home.

There are many forms of archery. For instance, you can play field archery outdoors or on a wooded course and witness target archery at the Olympics. You may even play 3D archery where you shoot targets at farm animals.

Makes You Feel Accomplished

Compared to team sports, individual effort is recognized in archery. Whenever I go out to shoot, this sport makes me realize many things. I’m impressed at how tightly I can pull a string back, aim, and loosen my grip to let go.

Similarly, as mentioned, letting kids learn archery lets them build confidence in themselves. They realize that they can accomplish tasks on their own, which then adds to their self-esteem.

Scholarship Grants

Aside from playing it as a sport, did you know that archery can help you get scholarships? For example, in 2014, around 1,100 students bagged $77,000 worth of scholarships from the National Archery in the School Program. The Easton Foundation and several other bodies also offer such archery-based scholarship programs.

It is Enjoyable

Have you had a strike in bowling or experience a home run in baseball? I would say this also applies to archery. You get to build your skill while enjoying the fun and thrill in the process.

Archery is one of those sports that leaves you on Cloud 9 after a series of successful shots.

Helps Shape Behavior

Archery isn’t just about shooting arrows. You must first learn the right stance, how to focus properly, and other rules before you can shoot actual arrows.

Kids can apply the same principle to the real world. This will help them understand that there are certain rules that govern and let them have fun at the same time.

Helps with Goal Setting

As I’ve mentioned, archery is an individual sport. It requires time and energy, and depends on the child’s dedication how far they’ll go and how good they’ll be at it.

Practice makes perfect. New archers begin slow, work their way up, and eventually achieve their long-term goal with consistent practice. Aside from getting better at the sport, they will know the true meaning of dedication.

My Top Examples of the Bear Archery Brand

Current Best Selling Bear Archery Bows on Amazon:

Current Best Selling Bear Archery Bows on Amazon

Advert. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.


I hope this post made you consider checking out Bear Archery for your archery needs. I also added product links to some of the brand’s most popular items to help with the buying process. Happy buying and hunting!

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